Winners of Spring Twilight Sailing Series Declared

20 boats along with their crew were greeted by moderate winds and clear blue skies at the Waikawa Bay at the final of the series Marlborough Sounds Marinas Spring Twilight. It was almost mathematically decided that the title of Division 3 would go to Greg Cornish, but it gave every opportunity to Acamar. The Easterly 30 took the winner’s trophy as it was just ahead of Lidgard Supertramp of John Oswald. It got the third position with only 14 seconds behind the Hanse 345 Our Girl of Alex Soper.

As the final standings cleared out, Ian Michael’s Wright 10 Playwright took home the prize for winning the series. The consistency was the major reason for him to win the prize. He finished the race with 23 points, being four clear from Acamar. But the Farr 1020 Free Rein of Chris Gorman dropped to the third position. The difference between the first and the second boat was just nine seconds in Division 2 in the 0th race. Adrienne and Bill Crossen won the title for Division 2 by boarding the Jeanneau 36 beating Freaky, Sequin, beating Farr 727 of Mandy and Rob Carpenter. Hanse Raconteur 400 of Richard Coon became third. The line honors were presented to Farr Rapport 1104 of Andrew Wilson along with Hanse Imagine it third of Terry Allen for being online.

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NYYC to Compete in America’s Cup

When it comes to America’s Cup all eyes remain on New York Yacht Club or NYYC. They have a history of successes in this cup that stays on as motivation for the current teams as well. This club team has remained undefeated between the period 1851 and 1983. It has also defended this trophy. It is one of the oldest in this sport. It has been 24 times to feat that remained as one of the longest streaks in winning in sports history.

This year they return to the competition after 15 years. This coveted sailing event is scheduled to take place in 2021 next. It would be in Auckland, New Zealand. The team starts training for the event and towards this end they would be competing in TP52 World Championship. This is one of the highlighted events in sailing this year and would also offer the right opportunities for training for America’s Cup.
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RORC Transatlantic Race Becomes Intense With Each Passing Day

Peter Cunningham’s MOD 70PowerPlay and Giovanni Soldini’s 70 Multi-boat have entered the Race across the Transatlantic as both of them have speeds which touch more than 30 knots. While Maserati has ensured dominance on the starboard side that allows, Powerplay; soaking west, have been getting a low speed but lesser than Maserati in order to place astern of 3 miles. At some time in the early morning, My Song was in the lead of around 100 miles.

Navigator Nacho Postigo reported that all was good on board and that everything was under control. He also said that they finally the trades the previous day and winds had started to arrive. They encountered them the fish that morning and there seems to be a nice ambiance inside for those present on board helped alongside by amazing local food.
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Students Anchor In Wrightsville Halfway Through Sailing Voyage

On July 4, while the Intracoastal Waterway teemed with boats, one vessel, Geronimo, stayed docked at Wrightsville Beach Marina, the crew includes eight high school students who are grateful for a day on dry land halfway through their four-week voyage.

On June 25, in Brunswick, the teens boarded the 69-foot sailboat as part of a summer program run by St. George’s School in Rhode Island. The journey brought eight high school applicants together to form the crew of Geronimo. The three adults present on the board provided supervision, however the in-charge of the sailing where the teens. They were also involved in the tasks like cooking and cleaning.
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Youth Sailing World Championships 2020

The Youth Sailing World Championships that would be held in 2020 and the subsequent year have bid acceptance process open now. The national authorities of World Sailing as well as respective host cities have opened up invitations for bids to be placed for the upcoming Youth Sailing World Championships as 2018 and 2019 are already finalized.

This is one tournament that is known to get competitors among top sailors in the youth category. The competition is said to be tough and the competitors are selected as per established rules and processes by MNA. There are specifications listed that need to be followed by participant teams who wish to place bids. There is an event manual that guides the organizers and hosts on their responsibilities.

The upcoming Youth Worlds event is scheduled to be held in Sanya region of China. Here about 380 sailors have confirmed their participation, who are representing about 62 nations. There would be a total of nine events. Both participants as well as host city volunteers can put in their bids which have to reach the executive office of the World Sailing by the 1st of November 2017 and latest by the end of the year.

The Youth Worlds is a competition that was initiated in 1971 in Sweden. This year would be the 47th edition of this tournament that is held every year. Many notable sailors have arisen by participating in this event such as Chris Dickson, Dean Barker, and Russell Coutts, who were skippered in the America’s Cup and others like Richard Clarke and Stuart Bannatyne who were sailors in the Volvo Ocean Race. The last winner of the trophy was Italy though France has gained maximum success if the championship’s history is checked. Many women sailors have shown considerable success in the Mistral or Laser category last year.

Wild Oats XI Takes Line Honors Of Sydney Gold Coast Yacht Race

The 2017 Land Rover Sydney Gold Coast Yacht Race has been an entertaining affair so far.

At the end of over 40 hours of sailing and racing, it was Wild Oats XI that crossed the finish line in the first position. It posted a timing of one day 18 hours 37 minutes and 6 seconds. Wild Oats XI got the better of the popular Black Jack by a very small margin.

After the completion of sailing across 384 nautical miles, there are just 3 minutes and 31 seconds that separates the two boats. Both the boats are Reichel/Pugh hundred footers. There is no doubt that the next few months of the competition will be fought in great spirits between the Wild Oats XI and the Black Jack. This is the closest race result that this event has seen in 15 years. They will be competing against each other and the event will culminate in Hobart in December. Continue reading “Wild Oats XI Takes Line Honors Of Sydney Gold Coast Yacht Race”

SYRF Has New Updates To Share

The final report of Force project and Downwind Aero Moments on Phase 2C has been released by the Sailing Yacht Research Foundation (SYRF).

The report is published online and contains the complete details about the project. The project got completed under the guidance of researchers Michael Richelsen and JB Braun of North Design Services.

In this paper a multi-part study has been done that used fluid-structure interaction (FSI), modeling to create a publicly accessible set of results consist of all the forces and aerodynamic moments for an array of downwind sails, wind speeds and angles.

Phase 2C studied these effects at apparent wind angles. Interestingly, the findings of the research have profound implications for the spinnaker sheet trimming parametric changes.

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Sailing Get Boost At Krishna

Sailing club Volga is all set to give a boom to sailing sports in river Krishna.

The club will open its arms for both who want to enjoy the sport as well those who want to take it as a career and learn new skills. This step of the club has come after the initiative of ex- Indian Navy officer Buridi Madan Mohan Rao. Rao has selected Vijayawada to promote sailing and other type of water sports. He will be doing this in association with Tourism Department of Andhra Pradesh.

Rao has served Indian Navy and got retired from the post of Chief Petty Officer. Along with Roa three more members have brought one keel sail boat large in size for elders. This sail boat will help elder in teaching them sailing who want to take it as a recreational sport. In addition to that five Dinghies have also been inducted in the river. The Dinghy (Optimist) will help children of age above 8 to learn sailing. Continue reading “Sailing Get Boost At Krishna”

Extreme Sailing Series Madeira

Madeira is a new venue for the Extreme Sailing Series this year.

The series saw a contest forming as the GC32 fleet saw Oman Air taking up two title positions in four races. They have definitely placed their claim for the honors. The day when Red Bull and Alinghi sailing teams tied for the first place as joint leaders the Omani boat came in for the third position. This day of races was calm and sunny as it dawned at Marina Funchal. It is located south of the island where the wind strength varied from three to seven knots. As a result, it led to the race program being curtailed again.

By the fourth race the wind had faded and Oman Air rose to take third place along with the SAP Extreme Sailing team, gaining about 48 points. Larson stated that the conditions of sailing were tricky as there was a strong current hat nearly pushed them over early for the starting line. That was not what they wanted as it would have gotten all other boats behind them. Continue reading “Extreme Sailing Series Madeira”

Kinghorn crew saves man from a sinking yacht

Earlier on Saturday, the Kinghorn RNLI Lifeboat station crew rescued a single yachtsman after he ran aground on rocks – south of Inchkeith Island. The 19’ yacht ran aground on Briggs rocks (a reef to the south of the Island) and began to sink after a hull damage.
The crew of the volunteer lifeboat was alerted after 2.00 pm and arrived on the scene to find the boat aground and being beaten-up against rocks by waves. The skipper of the yacht, a man in his 60s from West Lothian, was taken off the yacht as it was listing in the swell, inducing the gunwales to be deluged.
Mark Brown (Lifeboat helm) said that the sailing yacht was going toward the west side when it hit the rocks south of Inchkeith. The skipper broadcast a mayday after the boat became holed and started taking on water. When they arrived at the scene, the boat was being dumped onto the rock because of the swell. So they took the yacht owner onto the lifeboat and transferred one of their crew onto the yacht to setup a tow.

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