Students Anchor In Wrightsville Halfway Through Sailing Voyage

On July 4, while the Intracoastal Waterway teemed with boats, one vessel, Geronimo, stayed docked at Wrightsville Beach Marina, the crew includes eight high school students who are grateful for a day on dry land halfway through their four-week voyage.

On June 25, in Brunswick, the teens boarded the 69-foot sailboat as part of a summer program run by St. George’s School in Rhode Island. The journey brought eight high school applicants together to form the crew of Geronimo. The three adults present on the board provided supervision, however the in-charge of the sailing where the teens. They were also involved in the tasks like cooking and cleaning.
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Youth Sailing World Championships 2020

The Youth Sailing World Championships that would be held in 2020 and the subsequent year have bid acceptance process open now. The national authorities of World Sailing as well as respective host cities have opened up invitations for bids to be placed for the upcoming Youth Sailing World Championships as 2018 and 2019 are already finalized.

This is one tournament that is known to get competitors among top sailors in the youth category. The competition is said to be tough and the competitors are selected as per established rules and processes by MNA. There are specifications listed that need to be followed by participant teams who wish to place bids. There is an event manual that guides the organizers and hosts on their responsibilities.

The upcoming Youth Worlds event is scheduled to be held in Sanya region of China. Here about 380 sailors have confirmed their participation, who are representing about 62 nations. There would be a total of nine events. Both participants as well as host city volunteers can put in their bids which have to reach the executive office of the World Sailing by the 1st of November 2017 and latest by the end of the year.

The Youth Worlds is a competition that was initiated in 1971 in Sweden. This year would be the 47th edition of this tournament that is held every year. Many notable sailors have arisen by participating in this event such as Chris Dickson, Dean Barker, and Russell Coutts, who were skippered in the America’s Cup and others like Richard Clarke and Stuart Bannatyne who were sailors in the Volvo Ocean Race. The last winner of the trophy was Italy though France has gained maximum success if the championship’s history is checked. Many women sailors have shown considerable success in the Mistral or Laser category last year.

SYRF Has New Updates To Share

The final report of Force project and Downwind Aero Moments on Phase 2C has been released by the Sailing Yacht Research Foundation (SYRF).

The report is published online and contains the complete details about the project. The project got completed under the guidance of researchers Michael Richelsen and JB Braun of North Design Services.

In this paper a multi-part study has been done that used fluid-structure interaction (FSI), modeling to create a publicly accessible set of results consist of all the forces and aerodynamic moments for an array of downwind sails, wind speeds and angles.

Phase 2C studied these effects at apparent wind angles. Interestingly, the findings of the research have profound implications for the spinnaker sheet trimming parametric changes.

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Scotland Boat Show on Clyde

A seventy foot ocean racing yacht that circumnavigated the world in the newest edition of the well known Clipper Round the World Yacht Race, symbolizing the Scottish Whisky brand Old Pulteney, would be the centre stage in front of thousands and thousands of visitors at Scotland Boat Show, 10th and 12th October, being arranged on Clyde, near Glasgow, Scotland. Continue reading “Scotland Boat Show on Clyde”