Winners of Spring Twilight Sailing Series Declared

20 boats along with their crew were greeted by moderate winds and clear blue skies at the Waikawa Bay at the final of the series Marlborough Sounds Marinas Spring Twilight. It was almost mathematically decided that the title of Division 3 would go to Greg Cornish, but it gave every opportunity to Acamar. The Easterly 30 took the winner’s trophy as it was just ahead of Lidgard Supertramp of John Oswald. It got the third position with only 14 seconds behind the Hanse 345 Our Girl of Alex Soper.

As the final standings cleared out, Ian Michael’s Wright 10 Playwright took home the prize for winning the series. The consistency was the major reason for him to win the prize. He finished the race with 23 points, being four clear from Acamar. But the Farr 1020 Free Rein of Chris Gorman dropped to the third position. The difference between the first and the second boat was just nine seconds in Division 2 in the 0th race. Adrienne and Bill Crossen won the title for Division 2 by boarding the Jeanneau 36 beating Freaky, Sequin, beating Farr 727 of Mandy and Rob Carpenter. Hanse Raconteur 400 of Richard Coon became third. The line honors were presented to Farr Rapport 1104 of Andrew Wilson along with Hanse Imagine it third of Terry Allen for being online.

 According to the expectations, the final standings of the Division 2 race 10 was dominated by Settimio. Raven 26 of Clive Harragan finished the race with 16 points which was 11 points clear of Sequin and Raconteur claimed the third position by coming back to their position ahead of Freaky. Division 1 race saw a lot of hits and misses. Finally, Beneteau Khamsin of Dave Kelway was declared as the winner as it was ahead of Global. Bluebird was 7 seconds behind Global, securing the third position.