Sailing Get Boost At Krishna

Sailing club Volga is all set to give a boom to sailing sports in river Krishna.

The club will open its arms for both who want to enjoy the sport as well those who want to take it as a career and learn new skills. This step of the club has come after the initiative of ex- Indian Navy officer Buridi Madan Mohan Rao. Rao has selected Vijayawada to promote sailing and other type of water sports. He will be doing this in association with Tourism Department of Andhra Pradesh.

Rao has served Indian Navy and got retired from the post of Chief Petty Officer. Along with Roa three more members have brought one keel sail boat large in size for elders. This sail boat will help elder in teaching them sailing who want to take it as a recreational sport. In addition to that five Dinghies have also been inducted in the river. The Dinghy (Optimist) will help children of age above 8 to learn sailing.

Talking about the move Mr. Rao said “This is good for promotion of water sports in place. We have taken all the precautions to keep the service safe. Five trainees have been appointed to teach sailing to elders as well as children. Girl trainer is there to help girl with learning sailing skills. The trainers have joined us to brush-up their skill of sailing and become an international sailor”.

Mr. Madan further added that “Krishna River is the best place for sailing. Here people will enjoy the scenic beauty of the place along with sailing. The trainees will cover an area of four kilometers for purpose. There is no motor or engine fit in the boat, it will be operated manually with the help of controls and rubbers. All types of Precaution have been taken by authorities at every level.”