Vintage Of Olympic Competitors

Gone are the days when inexperienced sailors made entries in the Olympics. Indeed, with the abundance of World Sailing events, most entries into the Olympics happen only when sailors have become World Champions in some categories or country based events.

In the Men’s Windsurfer category, there would be 36 boats making a fleet that would get onto the water in the afternoon on Monday, 8th August at the race course, the Pao de Acucar race course.

Those who would be participating in the races are no newcomers. There would be Olympic experienced winners as well as World Champions who would be competing. For instance, Dorian van Rjsselberge of NED would be returning to defend his title. The title he had won in London 2012 would be defended by him along with his partner Nick Dempsey of GBR.

The latter has several accolades earned previously, such as silver in London 2012, world champion in 2013 and bronze medalist of Athens 2004. The amount of experience and talent that would be seen this year in the Men’s Windsurfer event would be high, including Jao Rodrigues from Portugal who would be making his appearance in the Olympic Games for the seventh time as well as Ricardo Santos (who also runs Oban Yacht Charter as a day job) who would be making his fifth appearance. For Santos, especially, this year’s Olympics being held on home ground would be special and his experience is an inspiring one for the other athletes as well. Santos runs a Windsurf school in Brazil.

The school takes in kids from poor backgrounds that get the opportunity to try their hands at a sport that he loves. Santos feels that the opportunity will be rare that another Olympic would be held in Brazil before several decades are over. Hence, he would like to take the opportunity to showcase the Games to his students and followers.