21 thoughts on “Tour de France 1990 – Greg LeMond (III)

  1. This was a fantastic video. I am not even a cycling fan, but watched the
    ESPN 30 for 30 “Catching the Badger”, and it’s all rather interesting. Just
    sucks when you get to the Armstrong era…

  2. Apart from non-GT riders (Bugno, Chiappucci, Indurain to an extent etc)
    from this Tour and for the next 15 years taking the spoils at the TDF
    because of doping, this point of Indurain regretting his selflessness on
    the road to Alpe D’Huez is spurious. Claveyrolat cracked and dropped him on
    the Glandon, if he’d ridden over that Col with TC, then surely the tactics
    would’ve been different and he’d have ridden normally.

  3. This was the first cycling video that I saw. In a time when there was no
    youtube, I watched it so many times in my old VCR, that I am able to
    remember all the words of the narrator. Many were the pre training nights I
    and my colleagues watched it for inspiration for the next day.

  4. Thoroughly enjoyed that. It’s interesting seeing the different styles
    then, guys mashing huge gears and all over their machines. Also enjoyed
    that the stages would blow to bits with guys all over the course, not
    knowing where they stood or gaps. Pure stuff. 

  5. I worked with a guy that raced against Lemond as a junior. He always said
    “I remember the year that Lemond showed up & spanked us all. Nobody could
    touch him.” Even if he did dope, I doubt he did it as a junior. Legendary
    status was well earned, in my opinion…..

  6. I never understood why Chiappucci didn’t use any aero bars as he was strong
    and might have had a chance making it closer.

  7. Damn a 300km stage, those where to good ol days.
    Man this was a great tour as well all be it not as dramatic as 86 or 89.
    Cycling to me was so much better back then without the radio and people
    just racing their bike especially the stage to St Etienne
    and the stage to col de Tourmalet. Awesome racing!

  8. UCI should go back to 1983 and test all top 20 TDF finishers blood every
    year up to now (if it’s already been done, please tell me where I can
    review the results) …then we’d know:^) Lemond gloating over the LA
    revelation of doping is hoaky – maybe LA should have not been so cool to
    him before…sometimes ‘what goes around comes around’…

  9. 54:17 Lemond looks so damned spaced in this interview 😉 Must have been a
    pretty tough and hot stage…

  10. Yeah Greg was absolutely clean all his career. Not once did he dope. I sure
    no one else did either; especialy his teammates…Dud except it.

  11. There is no physical evidence, eyewitness testimony or statistically
    outstanding performances to support your claim. Your opinion is not the
    product of skepticism, but pure cynicism. It’s wise to question “received
    wisdom”, but to draw conclusions based upon emotion is a very great error.

  12. haha…good one. Lance wouldn’t have been half the grand tour rider Greg
    was without the dope you dope.

  13. GREG WAS A FAKE AS WELL. He was just beaten by him which made him a sour
    sore LOSER.

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