24 thoughts on “The Tour De France Explained in Animation

  1. Ah come on …a little blood doping in the video would have been ok! They
    could have shown some guy stopping off the side of the road for a “natural
    break” and get in the porta potty to juice up! They could have had some fun
    with the whole black cloud over the sport….even so…I still get up at
    4am out here in California to watch the TDF

  2. Everything you need to know about +Le Tour De France in this 10 minute
    animated video.
    #tdf2014 #tourdefrance 

  3. *This video about the Tour de France explains it really well. *

    You’ll be an expert within 10 minutes!

    #TDF #TDF2014 

  4. Phenomenal video!!! One other nit-picky point (besides the Points vs.
    Sprinters jersey): It is illegal to actually turn around and ride back to a
    teammate. But such a great vid. Sharing it directly!

  5. Actually those “points areas” are also usually called Intermediate Sprints
    and are usually disputed also by the sprinters, so… In certain way, the
    video is right 🙂

  6. Emailed to friends who are showing an interest in the tour to help them
    understand why its great fun to watch. Thanks!

  7. Points for the green jersey are awarded for winning or finishing high up in
    stages. The points system for that jersey is biased to give more points for
    winning flat stages, which are likely to be won by sprinters, hence it’s
    generally a sprinters’ competition. Points for the mountains competition
    are awarded for being the first, or one of the first, over any of the
    categorised climbs in the tour – these can be anywhere in the stages. The
    more severe the climb, the more points awarded.

  8. Merci for explaining the yellow jersey scoring. Was wondering how the guy
    who won the yellow jersey the day before could keep it if he didn’t win the
    stage. Maintenant, je comprends tout!

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