25 thoughts on “Inside a Russian Billionaire’s $300 Million Yacht

  1. at the end of the day all the billionnaires would one day get old like me
    and R.I.P eventually

  2. sucks buying all this technology for hundreds of thousands of dollars and
    like 10 years later its all outdated and just looks like shit. nice going
    you cheeky, oilstealing russian bastard!

  3. I love how so many comments are trashing on this guy saying he could have
    given money to the needy. I wonder how much those hypocrites waste on
    going to the theater, sporting events, buying a coffee every day, living in
    a bigger house than they need, buying up the latest technology in cell
    phones, televisions, weight training equipment, cars, surround sound
    equipment, dining out, etc. Until you are giving much of your money away,
    don’t trash on someone who didn’t give his away.

  4. when you steal billions from the country hile many russians are starving
    this os what you can buy

  5. White sting ray hides that were slaughtered for this assholes
    narcsisisism…Maybe it will be torpedoed with him on it.

  6. Nobody, absolutely nobody needs something like this and the fact that this
    arsehole is wealthy enough to own this is evidence enough that he should be
    fed to the pigs and his possession redistributed to the needy.

    Fucken wealthy oligarchs.

  7. Did he earn his money fairly and justly? Millions of children are dying
    hungry, millions more cannot pay for simple medications. If I want to go on
    a budget vacation 400 euros for days I have to work most Saturdays. I’m
    not complaining just point out the differences. I hope his yacht ends up on
    the bottom of the ocean together with his rich friends that came on board
    with the helicopter. 

  8. I got a better yacht than this trash. Made it myself. Paper yacht. If ya’ll
    want some pm me, i only charge 5 billion. Limited supply

  9. What an ugly boat, the interior is also shit. Taste is something that the
    Communists eliminated totally, look at Russia’s pre Bolshevik culture and
    you will find great art, in music, painting and literature. What happened?

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