25 thoughts on “Cycling Tips: Top 5 Cycling Tips For Noobs 2 Professional Riders

  1. stages are £599 cheapest I’m 13 Im skint can u help, what power meter do u
    recommend. thanks

  2. What the fuck are you gonna hit that snaps ur frame in half? A truck or do
    you hit jumps and stuff when you cycle for weight loss

  3. Thanks for the tips DR! I’m in Adelaide, can you recommend a good place for
    bike fit? Also maybe a good brand for casual road bike?

  4. I always assumed road shoes were stiffer than mountain shoes, therefore
    better energy transfer and more power actually making it to the pavement.
    Am I wrong? Or is the difference negligible? Thanks

  5. i just pee and pee was red because i drinked beetroot juice. so im not sure
    if i’m hyadrate or not. haha

  6. I’ll give you a performance benefit of road shoes, one word: speedplay. My
    knees need that amount of float to be pain-free, so there are some

  7. These don’t really apply to professional riders because they’re forced to
    ride whatever equipment they’re given. 

  8. Wtf is the google plus shit…….

    This is nsa shit, im going dark, deleting all my online shit.

    Fuk all this tracking shit. The entire system is illegitimate.

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