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  1. Makes sense. Would add it’s important to train your body to metabolise fat
    and train your mind for endurance. Fueling and hydration is best done
    little and often. 

  2. Makes sense. Would add it’s important to train your body to metabolise fat
    and train your mind for endurance. Fueling and hydration is best done
    little and often. 

  3. WHY do you people need so much water ? why ? I leave home with 1.5 L of
    water and share it with 2 more riders ( who also have water), and it’s
    still enough for me on 120-160 km rides with out refill

  4. Got a 100 mile charity ride ride tomorrow, i am pretty nervious the lomgest
    ride i have done is 45-50 miles long.

  5. i put my smokes in my drink holder, if I put a water bottle in there where
    can I put my smokes??

  6. I train using a a solid steel frame waighs about 25-30kgs and i can do
    about 60 miles on it in 2 and a half hours to three hours 

  7. Some very interesting tips! Agree totally with the backpacing, let the body
    warm up and get the blood flowing too!

  8. I’m a 14 year old and I did a 25 km ride and got. 40km/h average speed is
    that a good speed?

  9. I need a good exercise program(core and lower back) to increase my strength
    on my bike. I do general strength training and I am a runner also. I have
    chuck Taylor hi tops as my shoes- no click ins. 🙂 I’ve completed a

  10. i walk stairs from 1 to 5th floor and im well breathng heavyer.Now that i
    know few tips on how it coud be done.I will use them cuz i was riding for
    two or 5 hours at max bearly drinking anything and eating.And there was
    zero pelzure in riding my bike.I planing to change that this summer.Then
    again it might be hard for me becuz i weight around 115kg,alot of mass to
    drag along

  11. These tips really helped! Thank you so much. Going to be trying them out on
    my next 128k training ride! 

  12. Thanks, some good tips. My main rides are with MTBs, but we have long
    events for that as well, often 100 k off road can be a killer. I cramp as
    well and can hit the wall after 4 or 5 hrs. I find that road cycling helps
    with this, as it offers different peddling and power options. Smooth
    peddling on the roads helps with smooth peddling up muddy hills, reducing
    the need to stand up on the pegs and blow masses of energy powering up a

    One of the MTB staple tools, that I am surprised has not translated into
    long distance road cycling is the Camelback. On long ride I use a 3 ltr
    pack, although for most events, 2 ltrs of fuel is enough. By fuel, I mean
    a high carbs sports drink. That said, for one litre I find the following

    Orange squash added to 1 ltr of water for flavor. 2 big table spoons of
    honey. 1 pinch of salt.

    This helps ensure that your muscles stay fueled and the salt helps with
    replacing lost salt and reduces the occurrence of cramping.

    Another thing about food tends to be flapjack, with lots of honey. Having
    slices of this on hand, in a plastic bag will help keep you going. But a
    good quick fix is Bassets Jelly Babies. Pure, quick hit sugar if you need

    Because I keep fueled I am able to stave off the occurrence of the wall.
    But for all of this, you still need to practice and put miles on your

    Doing rides like LeJog (Lands End to John O Groats), also requires a lot of
    planning, since you are having to do 120 miles per day. Recovery is the
    key. You can carbs load all you want, but commercial products like Rego,
    or Nocte, that have been specially designed to help recover and repair
    quickly, mean that you can manage the 9 day targets without completely
    running out of steam.

    So I suppose what I am saying is that I recognized exactly where you are
    coming from, even though our cycling sports are slightly different. We
    still draw power from the core, but don’t add to it via usual peddle power
    and have to work on our cores the same way. MTB might be rougher than road
    work, requiring solutions to different problems, but ultimately cycling is
    a sport that needs good fuel, dedication and persistence to get right.

    Thanks for the vid and tips.


  13. So I’m 14, and just started pursuing my dream of being a cyclist and my
    first ride was a 20mile ride on all flat road where I averaged at 20mph. I
    also consistently sprint to 30mph on flat road. How fast am I?

  14. Wow, great tips and insights. I am an endurance hack. Thanks for the
    inspiration. Would be nice to see some video during your training rides

  15. Good tips – remember to pre-hydrate also. I cycle in 33 deg C plus and sip
    every 10mins – I generally drink a litre an hour – 

  16. Thanks for the tips man! Going to apply them in my next ride. Planning to
    join a 100 km ride

  17. aye i need some advice on how to prepare im going for a 30 mile fun ride in
    april and i only ride about 13 miles a day with some hills and im 16 years
    old so anyone who can help thnx

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