25 thoughts on “2003 Tour de France Stage 8 LIVE L’Alpe D’Huez

  1. Ligget sums it up perfectly with hindsight “how these riders can sprint
    recover and sprint again, i really don’t know”.

    Well now we do know. Still love watching these, going to do the Galibier
    and Alpe d’huez next year for my birthday !

  2. 2:04:38 – Phil Liggett: “I’m not too sure who it is.” That’s Mikel
    Astarloza you dumbass.

  3. If you are familiar with the song (and especially the lyrics) at the start
    of this video (The Chemical Brothers – Star Guitar), then you are prepared
    for the super-human efforts on display here. Regardless, this is part of
    the TDF history and it is a great race…and a great track!!!!

  4. I love the old school Tour de France footage. Though they were a bunch of
    dopers…they made for exciting Tours. Thanks for posting a quality vid.

  5. It’s amazing how similar the Team Sky train looks to the Postal train. I
    can’t wait for the day Team Sky falls and Wiggins/Froome/Porte all go down.

  6. interesting to see mick rodgers was right there with lance and the boys –
    in his first TdF – hmmm ;)

  7. cant stand the SBS coverage only like phil & paul..Mike Tomalaris is a
    jibbering idiot who calls everyone “macca” or “tanny” or “cookie”..how the
    fuck he continues to be the main host is a joke..but then again aussie
    sports channels keep the older guys despite how crap they are in all
    sports..Matt Keenan is a goose as well his solo lead up commentary before
    phil & paul is bland, inane & plain boring At times its bizarre listening
    to a guy have a conversation with himself…..The SBS coverage is lazy and
    one big tax payer funded gravy train for the privileged few

  8. I have no problems with people who do drugs. Everyone does some kind of
    enhancement through drugs. That’s what drugs are for. What I don’t like
    is a liar. I can’t think of anyone who has gone to the lengths Lance went
    to to lie to the entire sport and everyone who supported him. 1st class

  9. I don’t care that lance & all the top riders doped anymore than I care
    Keith Richards doped … So fuk’n what ! Its when they all did their best

  10. Its great that all this stuff is free now on youtube, I remember the days
    of buying race DVDs.

  11. “Armstrong, Ullrich, Mayo, Hamilton, Basso, Virenque, Vinokurov – Holy shit
    literally every major rider got caught doping. Cycling is really a very
    special sport.” by BleakVision.

    ** Yeah I am pretty sure America’s favorite past time (Baseball), american
    football, Mr. Olympia are all VERY VERY special. Keep living in that
    bubble, whatever makes you happy.

  12. Such a great song @0:43. It’s by the chemical brothers. Fits great with the
    intro. Think the second song is by Kreftwerk. Not sure though. My friend
    was at the 2004 Tour DF, I was in Serbia visiting family at the time and
    man it would have been awesome to see it. Never have seen a Tour DF and I
    sure as fuck was jealous haha. And great upload.

  13. 1:06:00 – “relieving of helmets” speaking on the 2003 new rules of wearing
    a helmet but no requirements on the “finishing climb” of the race.

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