25 thoughts on “100 Years of the Tour de France Part 1 (Documentary – 2003)

  1. great doco shame it was narrated by that jibbering goose known as Mike
    Tomalaris..the SBS coverage is woeful, lazy and blokey stupid..trolldj is a
    Muppet playing stupid, dumbass Muppet music.hardly any rider
    interviews..more focus on Gabrielle Gateau and his taxpayer funded romp
    around the french food elites…the you tubers who take some gr8 footage
    blow the SBS coverage right out of the park…they’d be absolutely lost
    without Paul & phil & the french tv feed..

  2. Interesting documentary, were those early bicycles fixed gear without
    brakes ?when were the bicycles equipped with derailleurs ?

  3. Hi all, here’s some evening viewing for you “100 Years of the Tour de
    France Part 1” #cycling #cycle #tourdefrance

  4. 100 Years of the Tour de France Part 1 (Documentary – 2003)

    100 years of the Tour de France: Part 1

  5. I think they should shorten the distances of the stages. Make the whole
    race less grueling. 7 hours a day on a bicycle is too long. 5 hours is
    good. Would leave the riders with more juice and would make for a more
    intense race.

  6. I prefer the old races because the riders don’t have stupid plastic beaks
    on their heads.

  7. No problems hope you enjoy parts two and three also plus whatever I have
    here on this channel 🙂

  8. all depends shouldent be illegal anyway, theoretical the first winners of
    the tour needed to be eliminated to, they all sniffed cocaine on the go
    trough the whole tour

  9. Thank you so much for uploading! I also really respect your work for the
    children in Nepal. Chapeaux, as the French would say…

  10. Probably but I havent converted them yet as I am in the process of moving
    but that is the plan 🙂

  11. My cycling videos are presented by the Himalayan Children’s Care Home in
    Nepal where I have volunteered for 12 months on two occasions between 2010
    and 2013. If you like my cycling channel and wish to donate, please contact
    me and 100% of the donations will go to the Himalayan Children’s Care Home.
    Thankyou and enjoy the cycling footage!

  12. Cheating – well, as you can see by this documentary, they have always been
    pushing the boundaries of what is within the rules…drugs too…by 2003,
    of course, the whole thing ahd reached a kind of arms race … the
    technology of cheating had got more sophisticated. But that doesn’t stop me
    enjoying these videos. There were some great riders in those days as there
    are these days and some great races. Thanks Chick.

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